The prestigious award will recognize exceptional brands in several categories, including but not limited to:

Selections will be made by an ad-hoc committee with 3 companies nominated in each category. A dedicated web platform will be launched for the project which will allow voting to be made for the nominated companies. The company with the highest vote will emerge as the winner of its category.

The voting system will be independently audited by Mazars Nigeria to allow for credibility and transparency of votes.

The voting public will be allowed to vote once for each category.


The Ad-hoc committee will be responsible for nominating and / or approving the companies for various categories through an internal voting system.

The nominated company will be expected to meet specifific requirements as decided by the ad-hoc committee.


The awards presentation will be made on the occasion of the Frenchweek GALA Dinner on the 25th November 2023 by the French Ambassador to Nigeria and key government functionaries.

The companies with highest vote will be announced for each category as the winner for the night, hence, no knowledge of the vote percentage will be before the occasion.